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Untitled, from Material Migrations ongoing 2017
Installation views at the Tbilisi History Museum

Mixed scrap wood, metal staples and carpet: includes locally sourced and discarded industrially and hand made used carpets, and carpets brought from NewYork City Dimensions Variable

In Tbilisi, Herzog worked with local artists to research the region’s textile traditions, as well as the unique geometric patterning that is ubiquitous in its architecture. Her site-specific installation for Artisterium focuses on the Tbilisi History Museum itself, once an active caravanserai where textile merchants traded their goods. The work calls attention to two converging wooden floor patterns in the exhibition hall, revealing where previous structures have recently been torn down and others seamlessly erected. The raveling/ unraveling in this case can be witnessed not only in her reconfigured rugs and fabric patterns, but also evidenced on the morphing ground that we stand on.